About Me

Judy O’Connell

Senior Lecturer
Quality Learning and Teaching Leader | Online
Faculty of Science
uImagine Digital Learning Laboratory
Division of Student Learning
Charles Sturt University


Advisory Board, New Media Consortium Horizon Report K-12 Edition, focusing on emerging technology and its applications for K-12 education.
Editorial Board, School Libraries Worldwide, research journal of the International Association of School Librarianship.
Editorial Board, Scan Online Journal for Educators, NSW Education Communities
Editorial Board, ACCESS, national journal of the Australian School Library Association.

In 2006, this blog was created specifically to help me engage in reflection, learning and social networking, and to help inform my work as Education Consultant, Library & Web 2.0, with Catholic Education, in a Diocese with 80 schools K-12 in the Western region of Sydney, Australia.

In 2008 I took up a new challenge as Head of Library and Information Services at St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill. A school with a great tradition and long history, ‘Joeys’ has a keen eye on the future learning needs of its day boys and boarders. It’s was my role to reshape virtual and physical learning services for this vibrant school community.

In 2011 moved to Charles Sturt University as a Lecturer  in the School of Information Studies in the Faculty of Education. This is an exciting new dimension to my own learning and to being able to support others in their learning. I am also involved in  research and professional partnerships in school education and university programs in Australia and overseas.

In 2012 I was appointed as the Course Director for the Teacher Librarianship degree, and in 2013 Course Director for all the graduate and postgraduate Master’s  degree programs in the School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University, where I developed the Master of Education (Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovation).  I am lucky to be have these  continuing opportunities to make a difference!

I began 2016 in a Project Manager role in the Faculty of Education, for Online Subject Enhancement, before moving midyear to a position with the CSUs Digital Learning Innovation Laboratory as the Quality Learning and Teaching Leader (Online) in the Faculty of Science.

I am constantly on the lookout for new challenges. Let me know if you have something interesting for me to help you with!

To contact me by email, please use the form below:

21 thoughts on “About Me

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  10. Thank you for your post on http://www.igeog.wordpress.com Judy – it was much appreciated. I am particularly glad you have posted as now I have found another great blog to add to my links! Do you mind if I add you to the hotlinks on the igeog site?? Your blog looks great – I too am very interested in the potential of Web 2.0 in Education and I look forward to keeping uptodate with your posts (and indeed exploring what’s already on here!)

    Rob Chambers 🙂

  11. David, this particular video has been ‘doing the rounds’ in YouTube, and the final version is due for release soon I think. It was shown at the State Library Day as well. It is a great example of a collaborative effort (continued development from feedback from YouTube viewers), and presents the imperative of Web 2.0 really well – rather than the application of Web 2.0 changes needed for learning and teaching. There are lots of other great videos and papers that explain Web 2.0.

  12. Always delighted to find a new-to-me blog in my area of interest. I am a teacher librarian wannabe. I am just stumbling around in this web 2.0 environment. I believe these are powerful tools for teachers.

  13. I must say since I have stumbled upon your podcast and now your blogs, I have new inspiration to learn more about all of this. I am working on a blog and have put pictures on Flickr, done more with my own website and trying to figure out what else I can do with my podcasts! So much fun that I feel guilty about calling it my work!!!

    I left you a message on your podcast email with a question. Please reply soon.


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  15. Hi Judy,

    Very interesting blog – I’m really interested in Web 2.0 and how it will affect education. I’m going to write my first paper soon on my experiences of building systems which use community systems like wordpress to facilitate creative educational projects.

    I’ll send you a copy when it’s done – it’d be great to get your comments!



  16. Hi Judy,
    I have discovered your blog around the same time as I saw your article on Web 2.0 in Scan magazine in my school library. It sounds like your interests in this area coincide with mine. It’s been great to catch up with all you’ve done on your blog. There is a Diretory of Australian Edbloggers over at http://australianedubloggers.pbwiki.com/ Have a look and add yourself if you want. The password is edubloggers . I will be adding you to my bloglines to keep up with your input into this fascinating conversation.

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