Presentations and Workshops

April 16, 2019 Keynote.  Australian School Library Association Conference
Australian National Library, Canberra, ACT

O’Connell, Judy. (2019, April). A splendour of letters: Communication across the generations.

The image of the uncertain voyage of the written word through the seas of time and imagination captures an extraordinary story that should empower the creative culture and scholarship of learning that underpins school libraries today. A great library cannot be constructed – it is the growth of ages and a place of inspiration for generations to come. Today teacher librarians are leading literacy, discovery and technology to empower culture and learning, yet it is the splendour of letters, that vast and storied landscape of communication across the generations, which can truly help school libraries achieve their current and future aims The challenge before us is both humbling and exhilarating and deserves every scrap of our attention as we help shape individual lives of children and youth today.

October 19, 2017 Invited presentation Australian Physiotherapy Conference

O’Connell, Judy. (2017, October). Back to the future: Are you prepared? Invited speaker at Momentum, the Australian Physiotherapy Conference, Sydney, NSW. Retrieved from

March 29, 2017 Keynote,“Libraries Making Learning” Sutherland Teacher Librarians Network. Gymea.

O’Connell, J. (2017, March). Keynote. Libraries making learning: Pedagogy and School Libraries.  Sutherland Teacher Librarians Network,  Sydney, NSW. Retrieved from

September 26, 2016 ePortfolios Australia
Digital Scholarship and the ePortfolio
Sydney, NSW

November 24 2015  Asia Pacific Forum in Educational Integrity
Academic Integrity: Game-based learning
Albury, NSW

October 14 2015 Keynote, Association of Independent Schools Conference
Rethinking Learning in the age of Digital Fluency
Sydney, NSW.

October 9 2015  Keynote, School Libraries, Education and Communities
Pedagogy and School Libraries: Developing agile approaches in a digital age
Sydney, NSW

August 14 2015  Keynote Information Literacy/School Libraries Section IFLA Satellite ConferenceSchool Libraries as a force in 21st century learning and teaching
21C School Librarian: What does it take? 
Capetown, South Africa.

August 14 2015  Keynote  Information Literacy/School Libraries Section IFLA Satellite ConferenceSchool Libraries as a force in 21st century learning and teaching
Smart libraries, smart classrooms
Capetown, South Africa.

July 2015 Reviewed paper, Literature in digital environments: Changes and emerging trends in Australian school libraries. IASL.
Maastricht, The Netherlands

November 26  2014  Reviewed paper Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education
Digital learning environments: A multidisciplinary focus on 21st century learning.
Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand

October 9 2014 Global presentation, Library 2.024 Conference. Leadership in a connected age: Change, challenge and productive chaos. Library 2.0 Online.

August 25-30 2014  Workshop, International Association of School Librarianship
Judy O’Connell, Ross Todd, Jennifer Branch and Diane Oberg.
Developing Online Master’s Programs for Teacher-Librarians
Conference, Moscow, Russia.

August 12-13  2014 Keynote, SchoolsTechOZ Conference. IWBNet Digital Classrooms Digital Schools. Melbourne, Victoria.
Leadership in a connected age: change, challenge and productive chaos
Hidden treasures in The Global Commons

June 3 2014 Keynote, EDUTECH Congress and Expo. Brisbane, Queensland.
Preparing for the impacts of Web 3.0 on learning, vocations and everyday life

August 26 2013 Professional Paper presentation: International Association of School Librarianship, Bali, Indonesia.
Building a vibrant future for school librarians through online conversations and professional development.

June 20 2013 Keynote, Distance Education NSW Symposium: Shining the light on professional practice, Sydney
Our Everyday Tools for Success

April 18 2013 Lead Speaker: State Library of NSW, Sydney
Leading in Networks of Knowledge.

December 4  2012  Keynote:  Education Services Australia, Melbourne.
Strategic Directions for School Libraries.

November 11  2012 Keynote: International Schools Library Network, Singapore
Preparing our Students for Web 3.0 Learning

October 20  2012  Speaker & Facilitator: ALIA Schools Section Seminar, Melbourne.
Learning in a Changing World:Racing Against Time and Building a New Learning World.

September 2012  Keynote: Science Teachers Association of NSW, Sydney.
Resistance is Futile: Science Education towards Critical Literacy K-12.

July 27  2012  Keynote: School Library Association of Victoria, Melbourne
Leading the Learning Revolution.

July 13  2012  ALIA Biennial Conference, Sydney.
Is school librarianship in crisis and should we be talking about it?  

March 29  2012  Keynote:  Wollongong Public Libraries, Wollongong.
Libraries with X Factor.

February 28-29  2012  Consultation: St Philomena’s School, Moree.
Curriculum and library design.

December 15  2011  Technology and Teaching Practice Symposium, Charles Sturt University.
Web 1.0 to Web 3.0: A New Culture of Learning.

November 18-19  2011  Two-day workshop, Department of Education, Cairns.
Learning and teaching in a digital world.

October 31  2011   One Day workshop leader:   Ark Group Australia, Sydney
Revolutionising Libraries with Social Media.

October 2-5  2011   Keynote: ASLA XXII Biennial Conference, Sydney.
School Libraries and Metaliteracy in Action.

August 26  2011   Independent Schools Queensland: AGQTP Projects in Schools
Connect, Communicate, Collaborate: Powering 21st Century Learning.

September 2  2011  Fifth National Leading a Digital School Conference, Melbourne.
Taming information chaos with the power of 2.0.

September 3  2011  Fifth National Leading a Digital School Conference, Melbourne.
The Next Best Thing is Web 3.0. Catch It if you can!

August 13 2011  K-12  Distance and Rural Education, NSW.
Project Based Learning: One day workshop to launch PBL in distance education. In partnership with Dean Groom.

July 17-20  2011  Keynote: School Library Association of New Zealand, Auckland.
Do you have the keys to tomorrow?

July 9-12  2011   ScreenFutures, Australian Teachers of Media, Melbourne.
Bridging the Great Divide: Television Anywhere, Any time.
Panel Presentation

June 25  2011  Keynote: Tara Anglican School, Sydney.
Learning in an Online World.

March 13  2011   ICT in Education NSW (ICTENSW), Tara Anglican School, Sydney.
Find it fast and get things done: Knowledge 2.0.

June 28  2010   ISTE2010 Exploring Excellence Conference, Denver Colorado.
Content Used to be King

Keeping Up with Every(E)Thing. Presented at the Association of Independent Schools Conference, Sydney, 5 June 2010.

Content Used to be King: The Semantic Web in Education. Presented at Digital Diversity ACEC2010, Melbourne, 9 April 2010.

Pandora’s Box: Fresh Start in a New World’. Keynote for the FlatClassroom Project February 2010 FCP10-1. A global collaborative project for middle and senior high school students.

Web 2.0 Tools for Professional Teaching Associations. Full day workshop to explore how you can transform your professional practice and at the same time empower your association to meet the challenges of learning and teaching in an online world. Professional Teachers Council, NSW, 29th August 2009.

The Week in the Life of a New Media Librarian. Presented at A Decade of Databases: Where to from here? UQL Cyberschool, 7th August, 2009

Connect, Collaborate and Inspire through 21st Century Learning. Two-day workshop for K-12 educators and ICT integrators will look at multimodal collaborative learning approaches and implementation strategies. AISNSW. May, 2009.

21 Century School Libraries Leading Learning. Contemporary School Library Design Conference, Catholic Education Office, Cairns, 18th March, 2009

Connect and Inspire: Finding the path to 21Century Learning. Tech-savvy Leadership and Learning, University of Wollongong, 20 February, 2009.

[re]Think, [re]Create, [re]Empower . The Why2 of Web 2.0 Seminars with Will Richardson, Brisbane & Sydney, May 7 & 9, 2008.

Learning is a Multimodal Conversation. School Libraries Leading Learning, Australian School Library Association (NSW) 28 March 2008.

Literacy Remixed in a Web 2.0 World. Congretational Schools, Targetted Programs, Catholic Education Commission, NSW.

Social Exposé. ICT Forum, Catholic Education Commission, NSW. 7 July, 2007

Judy’s Web 2.0 Notes Diocese of Lismore and AGQTP Workshops, 2007. If you are just beginning your adventure into Web 2.0 e-learning, then these notes are for you!

What is a blog? What is Web 2.0? ParraCoordinators conference blog, 2007

Creative Web 2.0 Learning. Christian Teacher Librarians Association conference, Sydney, 23 May 2007 [now a hit on Slideshare! thanks everyone!]

Capture the 20:20 Vision for Libraries. LIANZA/SLANZA Weekend School, Nelson, New Zealand.

2020 Vision: An “Uncommon” future for school libraries. Quicktime file StateLibraryV2.

K12 Online Conference slideshow – “It’s a small world after all”.

School Library Association, UK. – Annual Weekend Conference – “If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It: promoting the school library” Bath, UK : 23-25 June, 2006

“Learn to Read, Learn to Succeed” Developing Literacy with Accelerated Reader. [or pdf course notes]