Computers everywhere – $US100

Moving right on from the topic of plagiarism, lets go right back to the basics of the changing landscape of learning – that is going very global! Media news has flagged the development of cheap computing for the third world. The implications of this are complex: students the world over will ultimately expect to use a computer to help them create, think, learn, design, communicate, respond, analyze, synthesize.

This is actually about chkids laptop.jpganging the social fabric of society and how we package and deliver learning. First using computers, then communicating in a digital environment as online access is eventually rolled out (when this would be we can't predict, but it must be a natural global development given time).

Here is a view of the laptop from the One Laptop Per Child program that you've been hearing about. The FAQ is here with answers from Nicholas Negroponte.

Stephen Abram:

" This nonprofit expects to ship 5-10 million laptops to the developing world in late 2006 and 2007.

This is the sort of thing that can change the world."

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