Its just an “Interactive Whiteboard”!

I've had some experience with interactive whiteboards both in the classroom and for professional development. I know that there are plenty of teachers who are taking this technology 'on board' (excuse the pun) and finding very good uses when working with students. Many more teachers are still hankering for a 'piece of the action'.

Nice – but not enough. I have had reservations about the whole 'enthusiasm' thing. It is great to have good technologies to work with. I know the benefits. But lets keep the whiteboards in perspective. It is critical that we do not take Whiteboards as THE solution for providing engaging technology learning experiences for students. It's as if the Whiteboard is THE solution. Big sigh of relief – we are keeping up with new technologies!!

In my view it was just one bump on the rollercoaster ride of our teaching and learning journey. I don't want to dampen the enthusiasm, but I do want it kept in perspective.

So it was great to read the post from New Zealander Leigh Blackall, where he picked up the long reflective piece from Australian educator Graham Wegner . As Leigh says, the graphic sums it up – for me too! But better still, read the whole of Graham's reflection here. Graham is responsible for IWB implementation at his school, but as he explains, he is not a blind advocate.

1 thought on “Its just an “Interactive Whiteboard”!

  1. I have a huge amount of experience in using a SMART board. I agree that it is not THE solution but certainly is one of the main ways of providing an engaging environment for students to learn.
    The problem in my view is a fundamental one……training.

    When people stop thinking about how cheap they can get a board and projector for and then decide to think about the package that they wrap around that board, then we are starting to get closer to the reasons why the technology can be so effective.

    I like to say that, it doesn’t make a poor teacher any better, it simply gives a good teacher some extra tools to enhance the learning experience.

    Are you after ideas on how to use a SMART board (if indeed that’s what you have)?

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