Curriculum As Connectivism

Roger Stack's recent post on curriculum as connectivism explores how the integral theory of AQAL relates to connectivism as a curriculum metaphor.

Roger talks about learning as network creation and how we might provide 'learning ecologies' to meet the needs of students and is exploring these ideas in the process of planning the implementation of the new Curriculum Framework in TAS.
He examines:

  • Curriculum as Content or Subjects
  • Curriculum as Discrete Tasks and Concepts
  • Curriculum as Experience
  • Curriculum as Cultural Reproduction
  • Curriculum as "Currere"
  • Curriculum as Intended Learning Outcomes
  • Curriculum as Connectivism.

He offers quite a compact journey through constructivism, and presents graphical representations of these. An excellent opportunity to revisit our thinking about curriculum in tandem with adressing the issues of curriculum as we repackage for a connected world.

Roger provides reading links that are also very useful. I have added Roger to my network at Del.ici.ous.

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