Library 2.0 meme

Thanks to Jan (awapuni) in my network for alerting me to this very useful Library 2.0 meme from bonariabiancu that presents another (better!) view of the ideas that I put into my Library 2.0 matrix in the last post.

Puts people at the centre of a very socially-networked library, with full flexibility in access to ideas and information – and of course my ‘bee in a bonnet’ thing of reading for fun and relaxation. Interestingly neither of us has made a point of including that in our graphical represenations of Library 2.0!

Back to the drawing board for me. In the meantime, here is the Library 2.0 meme map.

Library 2.0 meme

2 thoughts on “Library 2.0 meme

  1. May I use your graph as part of my class. I will post the graph on my blog giving your site the credit and why I decided to choose this particular image. The blog will be available until Jan 2009.

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