Streaming media

I agree with Stephen Abram’s of Stephen’s Lighthouse….streaming media is definitely breaking out 😉 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are definitely out there!

My workplace has yet to step into the streaming media phase – but we will be doing this with a rush and with considerable (learners!) enthusiasm very soon as we transform the lansdcape of our personalised learning environment. Stephen’s questions are important ones for us to consider right now.
Stephen says:

If it doesn’t already, your employer will be creating, licensing, storing and offering education, training, meeting, and communication events to its employees, partners and clients and maybe even the general public. Whether these are called streaming media, webcasts, e-learning, webinars, podcasts, Video On Demand, VODcasts, or whatever, we, as information professionals, should be ready. How do you use them? How are they acquired and what rights are licensed? How are they indexed, archived and made accessible? Can they be put into the OPAC and/or intranet? How are they preserved and stored? Can their contents be searched? Are there better formats and what are the trends? What recommendations should we be making for our companies intranet, Blackberries, browser plug-ins, etc.? There are plenty of questions!

From Islands in the Stream, Infotech Column, Information Outlook, July 2006 issue

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