Media change – from cigarettes to the future

From the past to the future…at the Internet Archive. (Early advertising film from the Edison Manufacturing Co.
In his presentation at the Global Summit Leigh Blackall referred to this early media in his eclectic presentation at the Global Summitt. Through images and talk he asked us ‘how can we possibly think that internet isn’t essential to our lives?”.

I’ve used this to show how far we have come in our use of communications technology!

Leigh hammered the ‘cencorship’ filters of the Department of education – or similar approaches. In talking about networked learning – and what we have lost in our teacher training programs – what was most highlighted for Leigh in relation to his teaching experience was the lack of reference to key thinkers such as Ivan Illich in his training program – but known by all ‘baby boomers’. Baby boomers are now in charge, but who talks about Ivan Illich?

Full text of Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich

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