Web 2.0 to Library 2.0 – the next publication


Earlier in the year Part 1 of a two-part series of papers was published with the title Engaging the Google Generation through Web 2.0. This article was just a small effort on my part aimed at introducing teachers and teacher librarians to the world of Web 2.0. It has worked quite well for introducing newcomers to Web 2.0. I have seen copies of it with highlighter pen marking key concepts and places to visit. I have had people come to workshops and sessions with their well-thumbed article ready to learn more.
Part 2

Now Part 2 has arrived Engaging the Google Generation through Library 2.0. Perhaps it has something to offer you as well.

I was not as happy with this paper, but writing it inspired the Library 2.0 Matrix. I will have to update my Matrix on Flickr now to reflect the version presented in the article. The pace of change means that anything we read these days needs to be sifted and sorted for ideas – so I guess it’s your turn to sift right now 🙂

There are points in the article which are not correct. The editorial addition of the SCIS (Schools Cataloguing and Information Service) website review is confusing and misleading. I suspect that the writers of the review of the Second Life Library 2.0 blogspot didn’t quite understand what they were writing about. The blog is now at InfoIsland, and is a great place to get an overview of the action in SecondLife even if you don’t yet want to go into the 3D world.
Delany Library’s Delicious account is a good example of how one of our teacher- librarian is making use of the social bookmarking site to hook teachers and students into Web 2.0, as well an ensuring currency and relevancy of her library services. But it is not a ‘blog’! Sorry.

Anyway, you might find something of interest in the article, or you may like to circulate it between friends or colleagues. Enjoy!

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