The value of knowledge!

I spent today, Saturday, at The Kings School, working closely with professional colleagues from the School Library Association of NSW, doing some strategic planning for 2007 and beyond.

ASLANSW Planning DayOne way or other we covered a lot of ‘territory’, driven by our need to respond to the constantly changing landscape of learning of students, and the needs of ‘school 2.0’. Admitedly we didn’t actually use that term all day, but School 2.0 was actually what was pushing the strategic planning. Amongst other things, the results of our planning saw professional development initiatives for 2007 that have a strong digital and Web 2.0 focus, alongside literature and learning.

We spent a lot of time talking about ‘knowledge’ – including knowledge access, knowledge creation, learning networks and connective knowledge. Knowledge will underpin our future thinking and planning and I am planning on writing a paper on this topic in the coming months, and plan to deliver a presentation early in 2007 on a ‘knowledge commons’ as the new direction for blended learning – merging school libraries further into the main knowledge work of a school. We need knowledge specialists to support knowledge processing (finding, thinking, creating), not librarians shelving books or recording videos.

After the action research I undertook this year in 5 schools on digital learning I am as convinced as ever that teachers and students can benefit from a ‘knowledge expert’ at the school. (The results of this research will be published in 2007).
In addition, we will be responding to the NSW Board of Studies HSC: All My Own Work program that is designed to strengthen the capacity of HSC students to follow the principles and practices of good scholarship, including understanding and valuing ethical practices related to locating and using information as part of their HSC program.

The program has been developed as part of the NSW Government’s Respect and Responsibility strategy and complements other approaches such as brochures for teachers, students and parents and strengthened student and teacher declarations for the HSC. The HSC: All My Own Work program is integrated with other NSW syllabuses and programs. The program is designed to be delivered flexibly as self-paced learning modules, and is now available online for schools, for online delivery, and quiz completion. We will be running workshops in Sydney in term 1, and hope to repeat these in country areas later in the year.

Great day everyone!

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