The Wow Factor – Edublog Awards

Stranger things have happened ……but this morning I was delighted to discover that my fellow bloggers had voted me in as the winner in the Edublog Awards for 2006!

What an outstanding bit of WoW!

Cool Christmas present! 🙂

Of course, I am just a lucky one! amongst so many wonderful colleagues in the blogosphere who have been providing inspiration and support to us all as we dig deeper into the digital possibilities around us.

So …….

…. to all the wonderful bloggers who won in their category, were nominated for a category, or who took part in the voting.

Most important of all – there are many many good educators who are introducing blogging into their classrooms or libraries. You are all…

19 thoughts on “The Wow Factor – Edublog Awards

  1. Judy – Many, many congratulations. You continue to be such an inspiration on so many different levels, locally and globally. I am so glad to have the opportunity to work with such an innovator and I look forward to discovering what you’re going to blow us away with in 2007! Merry Christmas, and if you know how to bottle that level of energy you constantly have please send me a truck load on a regular basis!!

  2. Judy – I recognised your WOW! factor when I first met you!!!..what a year we have had with your inspiration and knowledge and ENERGY! Merry Christmas, and we should all hang on to our seats in anticipation of what’s in store for 2007!!!

  3. Thanks for the congrats Al – and I agree – lets get together!

    We need to continue to make personal connections to build on our virtual collaboration. I am so lucky to have been nurtured by good aussies like yourself, Graham Wegner and Jo McLeay – you all have been, and continue to be. an inspiration .

  4. Sensational stuff Judy. Let’s find a way to get together in 2007 to toast your success and onward journey. You represent us Aussies very well indeed. Secretely, I think you would have won just from all the people who would have nominated you – you have so much to offer – thanks, Al

  5. Judy, you can imagine how excited I was when listening to the live webcast of the awards to find you the winner of the best library blog. Congratulations on a well deserved win and keep up the good work. I love reading your blog.

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