Happy Australia Day – Aus Mac Ed

We have celebrated Australia Day, 29 January, in style. Google Australia did us proud!

The same aussie day was chosen for launch post of the Aus Mac Ed group blog.

Paul writes:

As promised I’ve been working on a multi-user blog for Australian educators using Macs and iPods (and iPhones). The goal of AusMacEd is to bring our vibrant discussions about the huge potential of Apple based solutions in Australian education out onto the internet in a pro-active and web2.0 manner.

ausmaced.jpg Nice one Paul! 🙂

Come on over, and join the conversation.

Of course, that’s not all there is!Digital Chalkie mascot

Australia Day also saw the news that Edublogs Award Nominee DIGITAL CHALKIE will continue in 2007.

If you aren’t familiar with Digital Chalkie, drop over and read a little about its success and enjoy the interesting contributions in this group blog.

1 thought on “Happy Australia Day – Aus Mac Ed

  1. Thanks for the props Judy. Both Digital Chalkie and AusMacEd are intended to bring the great discussions of Australian email listserves and out onto web2.0. Many Australian listserves contain dialogue that articulates valuable information for educators but remain locked behind unsearchable and password protected archives. This works in some circumstances where collegiate confidentiality is appropriate, but more often than not the ideas and technical advice exchanged would benefit form some connectivism externally. As group blogs Digital Chalkie and AusMacEd rely on the contributions of many to make them work. I’m continually amazed at the breadth of knowledge shared by authors we’ve had on Digital Chalkie. While AusMacEd is a work in progress I hope it provides a similar venue for discussion.

    Enjoying your informative posts and congratulations on the Edublog award – very well deserved IMHO.

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