Flickr (business) cards – NOW with Creative Commons!

100 pack of cardsNot everyone in a school gets a business card – yet a business card is ‘just the ticket’ for passing out to share contact details when ‘out and about’ at professional development events, or just making contact with someone new in the profession.

So the Flickr Moo cards seemed to me to provide a fun way to promote contact details, promote your blog, and make use of your flickr collection.

Flickr describes Moo Cards as “tiny wonderful calling cards” for the real world. To make Moo Cards, log into your Flickr account and click on Moo in the “Do More With Your Photos!” box. You can choose a photo from your personal Flickr stream for the front of the Moo Card, and you can customize text for the back of the card.

moo-small.jpgWhen you customize your text, Moo has introduced a Creative Commons License option that allows you to insert your CC license information and the CC logo on the back of the Moo Card.

Folk at Creative Commons are pretty happy about this addition to the versatile (and fun) Moo Cards.

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