The (local) secret is out!

While attending the professional seminar at the State Library of NSW, I was not only busy with my presentation and workshop – I was also there to receive an award for

innovative and collaborative teaching practices integrating information and communication technologies

The John Lee Memorial Award is sponsored by Charles Sturt University, and is presented annually by the Australian School Library Assocation (NSW) President and a representative of Charles Sturt University. It was fun to meet with Ashley Freeman from CSU (pictured) as I have been a member of his ‘marking team’ in the Master’s program in the last couple of years.

It was a special honour for me to receive this award, as I worked with John Lee (in whose memory this award is made) in my early years as an information professional, being inspired by him to “think big” and to be future focussed at all times.

John, I think your inspiration has paid off!

10 thoughts on “The (local) secret is out!

  1. Congratulations Judy, I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog over the last couple of months. I’m particularly glad that someone as dedicated as you is exploring and implementing this potentially democratising and powerful information revolution outside the realm of elite private schools.

  2. Congratulations Jude. Getting an award is good. Getting an award for innovation and collaboration when you are doing so much work in the Library2.0 world is extra special. Means you’re walking the talk as the cliche goes. Congrats.

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