Domains confusion – help anyone?

confusion.jpgI’ve been ferretting away with my domain issue, and discovered that I have two choices…thus if you know anything about these things…give me your advice.


I have told my blog to point to heyjude.wordpress again as the main domain, with simply pointing to my wordpress site. The whole blog just flips over – just like that!

With this arrangement the original feeds, and relationships to my posts remain intact. The new judyoconnell feeds and domain routing back to wordpress seems just fine. In a way, this makes sense for me for now, as I only wanted the judyoconnell domain for efficiency. But is this the best long-term approach?

Which of these should I be using as the main domain now? Really…..tell me!

Oh, another tiny plus is that the blogging is more responsive keeping with heyjude.wordpress – but I’m talking seconds here!

The good thing is that WordPress is just so darned flexible – great work from the WordPress team.
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4 thoughts on “Domains confusion – help anyone?

  1. Judy, keep it on WordPress and use the domain to redirect to it. You could try turning cloaking on too, although there are pros and cons about doing that. Email if you want a hand with it and I’ll be happy to help. Chris B

  2. Looking at your sites, I’d advise sticking with the wordpress domain. Yahoo has 21 inlinks and 11 pages indexed for, but has 4787 inlinks and 48 pages indexed for the wordpress domain. With that many people linking to your site, I’d keep hosting things there. Moving to judyoconnell would probably cause a large drop in traffic, both from people linking to you and from the search engines (and possibly from the feedreader).

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