Live on the wild side!

So the first anniversary of Heyjude has just slipped by – and to be honest, I am amazed at what I have learned, what I have shared, and most importantly, the number of connections and global opportunities that have emerged from being a member of the 21st century learning collaborative. There are a lot of special people who I can thank – just check out my huge Blogroll if you want to grab some of that the inspiration freely available to us all.

Yes, blogging rocks! because through it I can learn harder and faster than any other way. I know how to share videos, and bookmarks, and slides, and images, and podcasts, and thoughts, and ideas, and all of this ‘on the fly’. I can ning! and tweet! and blog! and wiki! and more…… doesn’t stop, and nor can it as Web 2.0 technologies continue to develop. The ‘blogosphere’ is packed with the most extra-ordinary professionals!!

I want to THANK everyone for a fabulous year. YOU are what has made my learning possible, wonderful, and purposeful.

Finally, I feel connected to the digital natives in our schools! Wow!

So my plug for the day – visit The Global Education Collaborative, and other Ning groups, and live on the wild side! You won’t regret it.


Bloggers of the world unite!

6 thoughts on “Live on the wild side!

  1. Happy blogirthday Judy (just to be different!)

    Yes – you are absolutely right about learning harder and faster… and I suspect this is what being a teacher in the C.21st is truly about. The old adage ‘practice what you preach’ was never more important than now!



  2. Well Done. The staff at PMHS are sick of hearing about it, but the kids love it – thanks for the kick start at Learnscope – it’s really taken off (for the kids) and freaked the staff out. Empower the kids and eveyone else has to follow.

    Dean Groom (LTST) PMHS

  3. Happy first birthday to “Hey Jude” (I can’t pronounce bloggiversary). You’ve certainly helped me to learn lots about Web 2.0 as well, Judy, though small steps still. And I love that I know some web things that my kids don’t know – or they tell me about something on Life Hacker that is not news to me. The blogoshere is indeed a great place to learn. Keep on blogging!

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