Gaming for learning – and the young

Anshul Samar is a 13-year old founder and CEO of Elementeo, a company operating in the field of education.

Enter the chemical battlefield with Elementeo, a game of chemistry. Two strong wills fighting against each other in a midst of an epic chemical battle, constantly trying to reduce their opponent’s IQ to ZERO. Armed with their arsenal of elements, compounds, and nuclear reactions, these chemists strive to create, combat, and conquer the world!

Teemu Arina says

Isn’t that exiting. One more young CEO who thinks the educational system is not doing an adequate job and decides to fix things himself. Reminds of myself when I was 16 but Anshul beats me by 3 years.

I recommend a read of Tarina, Teemu’s blog. He is partner and CEO at Dicole Oy, a company focusing on understanding the role of social technologies in knowledge work and networked learning in organizations.

Who are you teaching today that is really a CEO in school uniform?

2 thoughts on “Gaming for learning – and the young

  1. I enjoy Teemu’s blog, he has an individual perspective that is valuable – I also liked his post on Anshul sending the link to all the secondary teachers we work with – you are right in thinking it a powerful example of web enhanced opportunity. Age is no indicator of ability or authority and it is good to be reminded of this

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