Digital Audio Book Services through Libraries

We’ve been doing a bit of a ’roundup of possibilities’ in our school libraries, and some of our Teacher Librarians and Technology Co-ordinators have become keen to expand this aspect of their digital services within their schools. For those who are on the same path, I thought I would highlight one of the excellent series of Technology Reports from ALA TechSource.

Author Tom Peters explains that his issue of Library Technology Reports (Jan/Feb 2007), Digital Audio Book Services through Libraries “examines in some depth digital audiobook services that can be purchased or leased. It also looks briefly at a few free online digital audiobook sources.”

I have purchased some of these Library Technology Reports – which for us in Australia are very expensive  – and they are absolutely excellent 🙂

However, the good folk at ALA kindly make digital copies available for viewing and download.

View (and then save) your pdf copy here.

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