Another Mashable “must have”!

I’ve been tracking with some interest the very useful compiliations that Mashable (social networking news site) has been putting together for addicts of anything Web 2.0. I’ve shared a few of them – and now I must share another!

Flickr is back in the news this week with reports that it will add video. But we’re still loving the photo-sharing element: here’s a 100+ ways to get even more out of the popular photo site at Flickr Toolbox: 100+ tools for Flickr Addicts.

I am now collecting all of my favourite Mashable “cool tools’ in my account with a Mashable tag.   Jump in and enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Another Mashable “must have”!

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  2. Hi Judy
    nice to discover your site this morning. I’ve given you a plug on my blog Spinning a Learning Web.

    Looks like we’re interested in some of the same things especially learning with web 2.0 and creativity. I’ll be dropping by again.

    Best wishes

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