Blogging that collaborative continuum!

Thanks to a post by Janet over at Fusion Finds I was reminded that the third annual Blog Day is August 31, 2007. (I missed this last year!).

BlogDay is an event to foster more connections between bloggers. A way to get to know other bloggers with other interests from other countries. On Friday the 31st, write a post describing 5 blogs you recommend. Preferrably blogs that are different from yours in culture, point of view, and attitude. Notify these bloggers and tag your post with BlogDay2007. This is a great way to connect with other bloggers and pass along some link love.

Go on, join the power of the crowd!

Better still, visit Fusion Finds: Educators Integrating Technology. I discovered Janet’s blog as a result of a comment on Heyjude – see the power of comments? I love the workshops, the ideas, and the models that I can adapt to my own needs here in Australia. I think I will use these ideas to build further on Judy’s Web 2.0 notes for my new learners.  What will you find to excite or enjoy?

1 thought on “Blogging that collaborative continuum!

  1. Judy,
    I’m a recent subscriber to your blog and am enjoying your posts. Thanks for the pub. It’s always nice to know there are readers out there. My network of edtech comrads grows more powerful each day.

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