Books and ideas: Mirror of the world

Thanks to the August edition of Good Reading (magazine for book lovers) I have discovered a new website Mirror of the World: Books and Ideas.

This website showcases some of the State Library of Victoria’s most precious and historically significant books. It is a rare opportunity to look more closely at fragile medieval manuscripts, turn the pages of exquisitely illustrated picture books, zoom in on the meticulously detailed maps or even hear works narrated.

There are four main themes to explore. Inspiration traces the development of books and their power to shape our history. Imagination illustrates the many ways in which books transport us into rich, inner worlds. Exploration charts the importance of books in documenting the discoveries of new lands, peoples, flora and fauna. Innovation looks at books as objects of beauty, artistry and agents of change.

In addition, the Teach & Learn section (look for the link on the bottom bar) contains a series of educational resources for teachers and students. Based around items featured on the Mirror of the World website, the resources are organised into activities for students and accompanying information for teachers.

2 thoughts on “Books and ideas: Mirror of the world

  1. …and have you also seen the State Library of Victoria’s website for young people about books – Ok – I admit to a certain bias, since I work at the SLV and one of my staff is chiefly responsible for it. It had c390,000 user visits since its launch in late April 2006 through to the end of August and growing.

    Do have a look.

    Like your blog, by the way…

  2. What a great resource. Having a bit of an interest in history, I think it’s great to see primary sources being made available in such a way. We’re learning about the British Colonisation of Australia at the moment, so this could be a great resource; even if only to give the children that need greater challenges a chance to go further. I know one who I should be able to get started with the map and the whole concept of “Terra Australis Incognita”. But there’s only one day left at school this week – a curse, but a blessing as well, I must assure you!

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