Want to collaborate?

From the Skoolaborate project comes another useful tool for planning and collaboration.

Check out FlashMeeting – the simple meeting tool that works in a web browser.

Westley advises that the interface can be learnt in seconds and is incredibly intuitive. Basically you get to see all your friends faces as they connect, you can text each other in a common window and one person at a time can speak. Should they say something that requires your comment you can ‘put your hand up’ (indicated by an hand sign) and when that person stops speaking you will pop up on screen and have your say. Really it does this and so much more but I will let you explore – Just take it from me, there is nothing better.

Seems like a good option when you need to move beyond Skype conference – but don’t want to dip into more robust (or pricey) products.

But wait! there’s more….from Jeff at The Thinking Stick who has written about WizIQ in WizIQ and a twitter experiment.

Jeff gives a full run-down of the program, and I am pleased to see that it includes video, whiteboard, file uploads, and the capacity to record sessions. While Jeff lists some negatives, it certainly goes well beyond the capabilities of FlashMeeting.

The thing is, of course, to choose the appropriate tool for the task. 🙂

Now, go test…..

  • 1 thought on “Want to collaborate?

    1. I have been using Wiziq for several months with my online Advanced Placement classes and it has made a huge difference.

      I have myself been trying to get the word out about Wiziq.

      It is an awesome Virtual Technology Platform !

      Mark Cruthers

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