Digital kids – learning their own way

Michael Furdyk hit the mark, during the last morning keynote presentation at the ACEL/ASCD conference.

Here we had (at last!) a clear articulation of the new expectations that are driving the learning characteristics of our students: multiprocessing; multimedia literacy; discovery-based learning; bias towards action; staying connected; zero tolerance for delays; consumer/creator blurring; social networking.

Michael was supported by his own school to take time off during his school schedule to work on his own company! Would you do this?

The opportunity for creativity and innovation was central to Michael’s life, starting right there at school. We need to allow students to grab opportunities, connect them with organisations in all fields that will support their keen need to explore and learn – it’s about a positive supportive learning community!

Michael’s company was instrumental in creating ‘social networking for social good’ at Taking iTGlobal- Inspire, Involve, Inform, providing a window into another world. Using the familiarity of social networking, this site helps students develop an awareness and understanding of global issues and ‘take action’ through projects and collaboration. Explore this – it’s brilliant!

Photo: Window into another world

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