YouTube Australia

Lots of partying, lots of stupid stuff, lots of weird videos about the launch . but hey! the future just keeps rolling on…’cause we now have YouTube Australia, launched on October 23.

For locally generated and shared videos, this is claimed to help us with our viewing speed – because we won’t have to channel back through the small pipe to the US.

True? I don’t know. It will be interesting to see how this goes. I just wish we didn’t have such poor bandwith in Australia.

How will they connect the countries together – like eBay? Yes, you can choose from the dropdown menu to choose the country to search. And yes, you can do a global search too.

How much stuff is there being stored on all those video servers – can you believe it? Just in time to fill our ipods with more stuff…..

Photo: iPod 3rd Generation

2 thoughts on “YouTube Australia

  1. Interesting, I followed your link to the Aussie YT and found my account followed me (via my cookies) and it looked, felt and ran just like the “regular” YT. Bandwidth was fine. Maybe the planets were in alignment? Or perhaps, I was spoofed into believing I was really on a server somewhere else.

    Sorry to hear bandwidth is a struggle. But it seems lots of the kidos DownUnder have not been dissuaded. Plenty of good content coming from your corner of the world. Some of the more creative student productions seem to be coming from schools down under. Good for you.


  2. I’d also been alerted to the new “YouTube Australia”, and visited it myself. Still becoming familiar with it though – embedding in edublogs was fun. When I accessed the video I wanted through and used that address in my edublogs embed (with the Anarchy Media Player), it wouldn’t go. Ended up taking out the “au.”, effectively re-routing back to the main YouTube site, and all was well again.

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