E-Learning07 – Connected Keynote panel ‘in-world’ today!

Come join some of the worlds best for “Cooking up a Storm in Education” the e-Learning07 Connected Keynote Panel – ‘in world’. Barbara Dieu will be leading the panel discussion at this Sydney conference, Friday November 2.

The menu?

Appetizers – Food for Thought: Challenges and opportunities social tools bring to learners and educators, our cultural and social heritage, exposure and access, local and international communities of practice, formal and informal learning, knowledge building and transmission.

Main dish – Meat and a Hot Potato: Traditional classroom delivery and e-learning/institutional barriers and educators’ resistance.

Dessert – To Make Your Mouth Water: Creativity, openness, interaction and sustainable partnerships.

Come along, join in some fascinating discussions with the cream of the crop guests :
Josie Fraser, Alan Levine, Nancy White, Dave Pollard.

To join us, simply Teleport to the Island of jokaydia.

The Connected Keynote Session will be held from 12:00pm – 2:30pm AEST Time. Click here to check your local time.

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