Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device

The slow drip of rumors about the Amazon Kindle e-book reader exploded into a full-blown flood over the weekend. As a result there have been lots of comments flooding the social networks about the newest wireless device from…. it’s the Kindle.

Amazon’s new wireless reading device lets you read books, magazines, newspapers and blogs anywhere, anytime. Small as a paperback, Kindle will hold lots of goodies for book aficiandos. The screen technology seems to be impressive – but wait till someone tells us more.

You really must watch the small video about Kindle. I wonder when we will have access to free download?

A wonderful marketing strategy from Amazon – as well as a clear indication of future directions for teachers and librarians alike. This gadget is a ‘future’ must-have for me!

View the video here. Get full product descriptions, reviews, and more information here.

Nice one! I think! Maybe this is still not the ‘ultimate’ device – but with it’s link to Amazon, it sure is a peek into the future.

However, according to the Sydney Morning Herald (20/7) it is unlikely Kindle will ever see the light of day in Australia.

But the local book industry has jumped headlong into the digital age with Dymocks chain launch of Dymocks Digital Books online stocking about 120,000 ebooks that can be downloaded and read on a computer, mobile phone or other handheld device. They say that these digital formats are quick and easy to download so there will be no more waiting for shipping – read or listen within minutes. And with a growing list of over 135,000 titles to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

4 thoughts on “Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device

  1. I mentioned Kindle and a few other things in a post on my blog: <a href=””
    21st Century Collaborative

    Gist is this-

    Benefits of Book 2.0
    There are definite benefits to having an electronic reader –possibly an innovation that could revolutionize a near perfect invention that has stood the test of time. Imagine the impact such a device could have on the developing world. Books are costly to print and more costly to move.This kind of disruptive technology could lower the cost of transporting the best books to the developing world and also lower the cost of ideas/books coming to us from the developing world. Additionally, in these times of angst about global warming, Book 2.0 concepts present a huge opportunity to reduce the negative impact on the environment by changing the process of producing a “book” as we now know it. Or how about the fact that knowledge is changing and expanding at unbelievable rates; many textbooks are outdated almost as soon as they hit the shelves. Medical textbooks need to be updated every year and electronic versions would address this issue nicely.

    However, online readers like Kindle have been around for awhile and have not gained popularity. Why? Because new technologies should result in doing things very different from the way it is currently being done. Just taking an analog book and making the text digital ignores the potential of using the Web as a new way of reading. The innovation has to include taking a linear medium and morphing it into a divergent, spiral, hyper, nonlinear form, making use of all the Web has to offer.

  2. An interesting review of the Kindle in the Herald the other day.It noted there have been many attempts at e- books which have all not taken off, largely because people like turning pages! I imagine too its another charger, another device you can drop oops!So I think books are here for a long time yet! Not sure if this new one uses the new electronic paper rather than an LCD screen but it doesn’t look like it does from the photo’s.This is held to have great promise for reading as a book while retaining the advantages of storage and choice that digital media represent.Time will tell no doubt.

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