Celebrate Edna’s 10th birthday in Second Life

Recently Kerry Lorette Johnson from EducationAU.limited sent me an alert via Facebook about a big birthday event! My avatar, Heyjude Jenns will be dropping by!

Education Network Australia (Edna) has been providing free online resource collections and collaborative networks for the education and training community in Australia for 10 years! This is worth celebrating – and the celebration includes holding an event in Second Life on Tuesday 27 November — and they’d love for us all to be there!

Here are the details:

“Official” start time is 2:45pm Adelaide, South Australia time – or check this time for your time zone in World clock time.

The birthday event will be on the island of Terra Icognita: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Terra%20incognita/157/107/33

They’ll have free tedna -shirts, virtual cake and champagne and, after a live broadcast of speeches including the launch of myedna. Afterwards your avatar can rock out to popular Second Life band Space Junky.

When you teleport over, there will be a glowing poster on the floor of the gazebo with the edna logo and an arrow, and there will be helpers to guide you on your way. Kerry’s avatar is Pandora Kurrajong, but she’ll be busy channeling the audio from the presentations so you might not get too chat with her.

So look for Spotters Square – the name of the island quadrant they’ll be using. They’re promising a decent size stage!

Kerry has created a Twitter channel for the edna 10th birthday celebrations. The address is: http://twitter.com/edna10

The RSS feed subscription link is:

 More about Edna

For educators, the most visible products of  edna are the web site and the services available through edna Groups, edna Sandpit Groups and edna Lists as well as the workshops delivered by the staff of education.au, the ministerially owned company that manages the edna web sites.

As part of the 10 year celebration you can catch up with a talk with current education.au CEO Greg Black, former CEO Gerry White, General Manager of Business Development Garry Putland and edna Communications Officer Kerrie Smith about the past, present and future of edna and e-learning.

 Good stuff aussies!

  • 1 thought on “Celebrate Edna’s 10th birthday in Second Life

    1. Thanks Jude – it was great seeing you there! Thanks to amazing people like you who promoted and supported the event, it was a great success. Good luck with the EduBlog Awards, you certainly deserve another. Cheers! KerryJ

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