Delightful diversions – end of the summer holidays

My last day of school holidays, so it’s time to enjoy delightful diversions!

From me:

A trip back to my home town, Albury, dead set on the border between New South Wales and Victoria and on the great Murray River. Visiting dad, who is turning 95 in February 🙂 Enjoying the bush environment of this city of 42,500 souls. We spent time just relaxing at the local park, on the banks of the Murray. Very Australian! (Wish the drought was over)

From Julie Lindsay:

Oh my, what a wonderful diversion from Julie and definitely something completely different. A great aussie in Qatar made me chuckle! Thanks for sharing the vegetable orchestra Julie 🙂

  • 2 thoughts on “Delightful diversions – end of the summer holidays

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    2. Beautiful photos, Judy. Having been in Asia for nigh four months has made me appreciate this unique landscape all the more.

      Enjoy the last dregs of the holidays and all the best for next week. Keep us posted!


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