Tweeting and twhirling

Do you tweet on Twitter?

Then you might like to Twhirl as well.

There are many little tools you can use for your Twitter conversations, but my twitter client choice for now is Twhirl. Are teachers twittering? You bet. Check out the first Twitter Mashup from sujokat (Sue Tap).

Looks good doesn’t it? Functionality is excellent.

  • 3 thoughts on “Tweeting and twhirling

    1. Hi Brett, nice to make contact with you again. Thanks to Jo for providing some good pointers to twitter usage. I only know of one other teacher here in Sydney who has dabbled in this. Dean Groom also let his students loose on Twitter, so we should ask him for his wisdom on this too!

    2. Hey Jude,

      Long time no chat…. found your blog so thought I would have a read… Question for you – Are students twittering? I haven’t met one yet that is. I am thinking of writing a blog post about this and other issues around the idea of if kids are really where we think they are in this web 2 world.

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