Bling for your blog

Bling For Your Blog – a wow resource!

I just have to share this fabulous resource (better late than never) put together by another great New Zealand teacher from “across the ditch”.

Allanah shared this link in Twitter – so I found out about it!

If you need step by step instructions about how to set up and manage your blog at Blogger – then this is the ‘instruction manual’ for you!!

Allanah is a NZ primary school teacher taking a year’s leave to be ICT facilitator in Tasman. Add her blog Life is not a Race to be Finished to your RSS feeds and learn heaps about technology integration from a super Web 2.0 teacher.

2 thoughts on “Bling for your blog

  1. You’re all too kind. I am blushing. It is quite handy to have such a resource at your disposal and I keep adding to it when I find something not too hard to do that looks like fun.



  2. Hi Judy,
    Allanah always produces excellent resources, the teachers in her Tasman school cluster are very lucky to have her as an IT Specialist working for and with them, showing them how they can intergrate ICT into their teaching to improve learning.
    We could do with some AK’s over here in the UK 🙂
    Keep up the good work.


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