Mimobot – what drives your flash!

I’m currently on school holidays which means time to do fun things online as well as offline – in between ongoing commitments to school or my professional associations.

Watching twitter, I saw this post from Amy,
a librarian tweet friend, writing about funky Art Toy USB flash drives.

Mimobot ArtLeading the creative revolution in personal electronic accessories and functional designer toys, These toy USB Flash Drives are little friendly data fiends available in 512MB up to 4GB capacities, that hold all your essential data (tunes, pics, etc.). They come preloaded with removable bonus content like games, music, and animations!

Well off I went, and checked it out!

Yes, my fun holiday purchase coming right up! Couldn’t get the Star Wars ones that I wanted, so settled for Owlbert – ’cause, well, I am a librarian (as well as a teacher geek).

Check the video – very cute! Hope FedEx is fast 🙂

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