April Festival on the Islands of Jokaydia

Exciting! Jo Kay has announced the April Festival on the Islands of Jokaydia on the 19th and 20th of April!

It’s a chance for jokaydia Community members and friends to get together to share and support each other…. and of course have some fun!

Come for a newbie tour!

Find out about the Virtual Classroom project, featuring the project’s first Educator-in-Residence, Leigh Blackall (SL: Leroy Goalpost) working with Konrad Glogowski (SL: Konrad March) , who is inviting individual educators like Leigh to design and build their ideal learning space for use as either a virtual classroom in Second Life or as a prototype for a real-life classroom.

Join us for a social event and announcement of the winning entries in the Annual Jokaydia photo competition.

…..and lots more!

For full details, check out April Events on the Islands of Jokaydia. Looking forward to seeing lots of my friends there – and to making new ones too!


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