A perfect revolution – at a salon near you!

Sometimes I have to say I am lucky! Let me ask you – how much fun do you have at your hairdressing salon?

I went to the hairdresser yesterday. Not interesting you say! Ahh, but let me tell you what happened at my last visit. I always travel with my laptop – whatever I have to hand. That time I had my MacBook – and lo, when I turned it on I found “free” wireless internet access. So of course I was happy, because I could work on my online stuff. The bandwidth was fabulous, so after slogging for a good hald hour, I decided to jump into Second Life for a spin. I showed my fav hairdres, Brett, the virtual salon on the Island of Jokaydia, and Jo actually dropped by and explained the TAFE project to Brett. He wast totally fascinated, and thrilled to see the potential. Well, we finally stopped playing (I WAS actually getting my hair cut!) and discussed the fact that people really should secure their wireless networks. Dead giveaway – it was called Motorola.

Move forward a month – yesterday. What a stunning change – the salon was in the process of being transformed. Fabulous colours. Seemed somehow familiar to me …..and as I thought about it I realised it reminded me of the virtual salon.

You know this is the virtual salon don’t you!

Yes, Brett agreed, he had absorded what her saw, and without realising it was inspired to make the creative changes. Virtual demo – rock on!

Next day – here I am sitting outside in the dark in my car, waiting for NRMA road assist to turn up to sort out my flat battery problem! Trusty Macbook to the rescue. Yes, lots of wireless networks, all secured – except the giveaway ‘Netgear’! Lucky me, I can write this post while I wait for the guy to turn up – an hour they advised.

We have a lot of fun at my salon. We used the wireless access to explore John’s Myspace Page for his fabulous band The Perfect Revolution.

John and the other guys loved that they could get broadband and check out his band’s MySpace site. John, not long out of school – is like so many of my boys at Joeys – operating in a wonderful creative way, doing great things that can seem to run parrallel to there school-based learning – including utilisation of MySpace to promote their band, their life!

About The Perfect Revolution

The Perfect Revolution is a fresh pop/rock act from the Hills District in Sydney. The band came together at the beginning of 2007, each member contributing their own influences to help create an original sound which is constantly evolving. For the boys, it’s all about writing meaningful and impacting music, and bringing to the floor a first class performance. Having played at a whole range of venues from the Annandale Hotel in Sydney to a number of youth groups including Penrith and Katoomba, the band is deeply engrossed in the local music scene and only hopes it can take its dreams further.

I’ll be buying their new album when it’s released, and will be playing it through our piped music sound system some Friday after school to entertain the boys.

2 thoughts on “A perfect revolution – at a salon near you!

  1. Hi Judy,

    Thanks for the link to this myspace page – this is a great band! Alas, time gets away with me and I’m still not seriously into second life (trying to make sense of the first one…) BUT there will come a day in the near future.

    For now I’ll just sit hear listening to these rockin’ tunes…


  2. What a fantastic story! I so love the fact that Brett was open to looking at what was going on in SL and translating it into RL action.

    There are so many ways people could be using virtual worlds and translate it into RL — home decor, house planning and design, landscaping, concerts to launch CDs (there are some GREAT virtual bands) —

    Oooh! It gives me shivers.

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