Konrad Glogowski and Jokaydians

We love inspiring each other! So those Jokaydians who are at NECC were stoked to be able to meet up with Konrad our fellow Jokaydian whose research and thinking provides the bedrock to educators working with online tools, and in-world tools.

In true Jokaydian fashion we jumped on the opportunity to stream Konrad’s presentation into Jokaydia, for our SL friends. Dean Groom, Al Upton and myself grabbed our gear and set up to stream into Second Life. Will Richardson came into the room and jumped in with us to Ustream the session!

Konrad’s presentation Blogging Communities in the Classroom: Creating Engaging Learning Experiences inspired us in ways to transform our classrooms into a blogging community that will help students become competent writers and capable, critical thinkers.

Catch the video/chat recording at Will’s blog. Jump on over to read Konrad’s Blog of Proximal Development.

2 thoughts on “Konrad Glogowski and Jokaydians

  1. Judy
    Thanks SO much for sharing the links and resources from this session. I missed it both at Educon in Philly and here. Am SO glad I will have a chance to check it out when I get home

  2. Thanks for sharing Konrad’s presentation with us all”back home”! What a wonderful speaker – so much to think about. Lots of nodding along and scribbling notes as I watched and listened.
    Much appreciated 🙂

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