LibX Library Toolbar at NECC08

Here is a video explaining LibX – a great tool that I promoted at NECC in San Antonio.

The LibX Murdoch University Toolbar is a Firefox Browser extension that lets you search the library holdings straight from a toolbar in your browser.

It also embeds little symbols next to the titles of books and journal articles in pages you view on the web. Clicking on these symbols lets you check whether the library has it.

This is awesome and a cool Web 2.0 enhancement for libraries. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “LibX Library Toolbar at NECC08

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  2. I agree with you Julie…it’s fantastic. No I don’t have it running in my library. Being new in my school this year, there is going to be a bit of a long discussion before I can enable this enhancement. The IE version is disabled at the moment, and we are not allowed to use Firefox at our school anywhere! Also I need to change library systems.
    BUT one day we will get there I hope. In the meantime we need a good school library to get this underway 🙂 Want to take on the challenge? LibX is a Virginia Tech development, and a Google search will get you lots of information. Alternatively just go to

  3. Thanks for the information. What a fantastic tool. This is just what I need in my library! Is it available for school libraries? Do you have it in yours? Would love to find out more.

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