Here Be Dragons and Critical Thinking

I am in exploration mode, as I prepare for another term of busy work with teachers and students. I rather liked “Here be Dragons” as a discussion point with older students.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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5 thoughts on “Here Be Dragons and Critical Thinking

  1. Judy: Thanks for your comment on Sheryl Nussbaum’s training. I feel like a lone ranger – this year my goal is to to implement blogs across the high school core content areas. I have a road map now with Sheryl’s network which I hope to tap into. Running past teacher unions, extra duty etc will be tricky but achievable if I can recruit tech. savy teachers this school year. The Catholic School system appears leading edge in Australia – please tell me your thoughts on public education down under.

  2. Hi Judy

    I saw the video when you tweeted it and thought it was pretty interesting. I guess the main question that popped up for me was What is proof? and at what point do we say something is worth exploring even if we don’t categorically know it to be true.


  3. Thank you for bringing to light such an enjoyable, intelligent look at the dangers of pop culture, mysticism, religion and pseudo-science. He was very respectful in his treatment of subject matter. I didn’t see him as being anti-blogger — he merely suggests that you apply information literacy skills and a healthy dose of research before accepting opinion/belief/conspiracy theory as fact.

    I found another gem of a video on the vodpod site called “Money as Debt” that completely rocked my world.



  4. Ahh yes, Gary! – so therefore a great discussion starter. Nothing should be seen as a message in it’s own right these days should it? Well it never should, but somehow its more important than ever in the era of interwebs.

  5. Oh interesting there is no poke at Christianity is there. Very white anglo American in bias. You poke at Buddhism you have to look at the Christian gospel too. Sorry don’t poke at religion unless you balance it.

    Does he go on about “Miracles of from God” – no, why no, well he would be run out of town I guess.

    There is for instance solid scientific evidence for high level of Omega3 is good for lowering blood cholesterol.

    However big business does develop new tech and does sit on it if it is not profitable, and will review the patent when it is profitable, this is no suppression it is just good business. Hold your research and release when it’s profitable.

    The rest is nothing new. Not saying that I don’t agree I do, he just doesn’t go far enough.

    Good book list

    I see he hates bloggers too. ggrrr 🙂

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