Write a book in a day!

Today we embarked on our first Write A Book In A Day competition. Five
teams, ten boys in each team, were set the challenge to create a book from scratch – write, illustrate and publish a story of no less than 4000 words.  The parameters of this competition are set by the Katharine Susanna Pritchard Foundation, an organisation that supports writing and writers in Australia. The parameters for each story include 3 characters one male, one female and one non-human, a  setting, an issue and five random words!! The rest is up to the creativity of the students. Write a Book in a Day is a fundraising activity, and the judging is undertaken by an Australian author.

We had an amazing day! thanks to my dynamo teacher librarian, Joan.  She has run this activity at her previous school for two years now, so it was great to have this happen for us at Joeys in 2008.

We’re looking forward to joining the national competition in 2009.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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