Come to my apartment and ExitReality

I’ve been saying it for ages – lets explore virtual worlds, and learn what virtual interfaces have to offer in repackaging learning opportunities for students.  I’ve been saying it because there has been an explosion in virtual worlds and environments.

Though it’s been talked about in a lot of media, the Sydney Morning Herald report today  Exit Reality with 3D Browser reminded me to mention it here.

ExitReality is a free internet plug-in that allows anyone to view every web page in 3D. Here it comes – mainstream 3D experience!

ExitReality includes:

Take a look for yourself!

1 thought on “Come to my apartment and ExitReality

  1. Hi Jude

    I tested Exit Reality a little while ago — and think it’s got possibilities, but at the moment a web site would have to be built with the browsing tool in mind to take full advantage of it.

    As well, I didn’t see the reason for the web sites to be 3D — all the things I was interacting with I could have done in 2D without the annoyance and feel that I wasn’t in control.

    It does underline the importance of divorcing data from design as much as possible though doesn’t it? After all, you never know how your visitors will be interacting with the information on your site.



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