Second Life Unconference at Jokaydia

Only a few sleeps till our upcoming jokaydia Unconference, which is happening on the Islands of jokaydia on the 27th and 28th September (AEST)! You can view the DRAFT Schedule of Events on the jokaydia Wiki.

A special thanks to the wonderful people who have volunteered to share their ideas and knowledge. However..dont forget unconferences are about PARTICIPATION! So come along with ideas and crazy schemes to share!

Newbies Please Note: We have planned a number of sessions especially for educators who are interested in gaining some Second Life skills! Join us to ask questions, learn about the Second Life interface and find out more about the Islands of jokaydia!

Yes, come along – there will be some amazing opportunities for professional learning and professional networking. Relax, learn, and be inspired.

And finally – for those who are timezone challenged (and that’s me!)… dont forget to check out the fixed time clock to figure out your local time!

From: Virtual Worlds Community

2 thoughts on “Second Life Unconference at Jokaydia

  1. haha very nice article, interestingly enough, despite its not the most recent blog,”Wiimote in my classrooms?” caught my eye straight away as i skim through your blog… fondly enough, my good friend, Christopher Boctor from PMHS did his software major based upon the interactivity of a wii remote, and it just shows how great this tool can be to education, not only to teach and learn from, but to implement for assesments… i also read your comment on bluyonder, and it inspired me to click your name-link and see what your all about.

    As a student from PMHS, I congratulate you on your efforts to continue to be connected and up to date with the latest technology and i hope many people like you, will one day overtake the current CEO and bring back the vital collaboration and interactivity that all students need back into thier daily school lives!

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