Writing over coffee

As I sit in the coffee shop at home in my own suburb I am pondering how things on the communication front have changed in the years that I have been frequenting this excellent little shop.

How proud I was when I got a mobile phone so I could ring home while having coffee to get the kids to take the washing off the line. I could liase over my mobile to meet friends after school to talk. Now?

I am writing on my blog using the free wifi on my iTouch (though it could have been my eePC) after checking my email and twitter. Is this relaxing? Funny thing is that it is for me, but it is clearly not the chosen way for most people to relax! No one else here is on ‘a device’!

What does this mean? Is my behaviour part of a new wave or am I an abberation amongst my peers?

2 thoughts on “Writing over coffee

  1. the thing is…that coffee has become Australia’s national drink. And having returned from Europe, there is no coffee like a good Aussie coffee…but then…I didnt go to Italy. The coffee in Paris was disgusting and the French dont give a stuff about it.

    Canberra has a wonderful coffee place…Tonic…right in the city…coffee to die for


  2. And I have picked up your feed from Tampa airport as I wait in the boarding lounge for a flight to Dallas! There are a whole lot of people busy on laptops and using this hotspot. Its 4.54m for you..and boarding time for me! See you soon!

    Jan who is definitely NOT at Delany!

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