Quotes worth keeping

The Tower, the Cloud, and Posterity

Going digital may be the most significant inflection point in the history of human record keeping. Never before has so much information been available to so many people. The implications of having more than a billion people with persistent connections to the Internet and exabytes of information freely and openly available cannot be overstated. With every significant innovation comes unintended consequences and amidst the plenitude we now enjoy in this arena are found a host of new cautions, threats and risks. We would never turn back.

Learning management systems now make it possible to capture and preserve the classroom contributions of tomorrow’s Albert Einstein.

The Tower and The Cloud


The emergence of the networked information economy is unleashing two powerful forces. On one hand, easy access to high-speed networks is empowering individuals. People can now discover and consume information resources and services globally from their homes. Further, new social computing approaches are inviting people to share in the creation and edification of information on the Internet. Empowerment of the individual — or consumerization — is reducing the individual’s reliance on traditional brick-and-mortar institutions in favor of new and emerging virtual ones.

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