Love my Twitter collective!

Thanks to ChemEdLinks for a quick test drive of Webspiration. Interesting, considering how many teachers are familiar with Inspiration. It’s nice that you can upload from Inspiration 8. It’s even better to be able to use this online. And it’s certainly better to be able to collaborate – take turns in editing – and also chat about the things you are editing with it’s own built in IM function.

I think this is worth a drive. Feeback anyone?

2 thoughts on “Webspiration

  1. Thanks for this post Judy,

    I am in my first year of my Bachelor of Education (Primary). I can’t wait to try this out for assignments and group work. I find your blog invaluable to my ICT learning journey. I am hoping primary school teachers will have easy access to these great programs in the classroom environment!

  2. Kia ora. I love it and as you say it is a small step from Inspiration most children know already. Up until now I have used Bubbl.us because of the collaboration function but this has more functionality. Thanks.

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