A Lesson Worthy of an ‘A’

Only teachers who truly love teaching and learning, can possibly lead others to consider living life ‘in possibility’.  This is my inspiration for learning and teaching in 2009!

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5 thoughts on “A Lesson Worthy of an ‘A’

  1. This clip is great! It just shows how much is really possible if we believe in what we are capable of and recognise that it is for a greater good. Attitude makes a huge difference to the potential of possibilities. Thank you for sharing this as many of us undertake new and exciting roles as educators in ’09. The dream to live in impossibility is alive!

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  3. Judy –

    Watched this from start to finish and was blown away. What a fantastic example of teaching with passion, of teaching so that others can see the possibility within. I totally understand his line about ‘one buttock playing’, and how if we are really feeling and expressing the music in the now, we can’t but help move our own body, and consequently, “move others”. But I’d never really thought of how much our classroom teaching needs to be like this, too. We need to get into teaching passionately as it happens and revel in the possibilities of where it can go. It’s all so obvious when we don’t, or when we’re just filling time until our ‘performance’/class time is over. Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

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