Seven things you don’t need to know…about me!

Sorry – the tags for the 7 things meme have been dropping in and I have been procrastinating while promising on Twitter to get on with it!

Do I even have seven things to dig up?  Some of the entries I have read have been hilarious, and interesting. My favourite is always the eclectic collection of things from John Connell.

Oh well, in my crazy, ordinary, silly life here are 7 more useless bits of information that you don’t want to read:

  1. English was my third language to learn, but it is definitely my master language now. Hungarian then German have fallen by the wayside, and while German is largely incomprehensible to me, Hungarian remains familiar and will help the family along in our visit to Budapest in April.
  2. While I admit I failed the bus licence test (only did it once), I reckon I can drive anything. My very first car was a  a tiny 479 cc two-cylinder double clutch number, and it cost nothing to run!
  3. I have an addiction – chocolate!
  4. My only achievement as a pimply teenager was to score 9th in the State in the Music in the HSC.  Despite that, I have lost my piano playing skills.
  5. I’ve always enjoyed singing in choirs since I was 6 though – but have never had singing lessons and am just an ordinary alto. This years gamble will be to sing Handel’s Messiah with the Sydney Philharmonia massed choir.
  6. I’m a definite Libra. I love balance, and get very sick at heart in an unbalanced environment. I will get quarrelsome and annoying if things are unfair. In Grade 5  I led a classroom ‘walkout’ against our teacher, and we played netball in protest against unfair discipline in the classroom. Despite this ‘bent’ I am uber conservative about most things in life.
  7. I hate getting up early in the morning!

Time to tag seven unsuspecting bloggers:

Jeanette Tranberg

Tom Barrett

Camilla Elliot

James Herring

Kathryn Greenhill

Michael Stephens

Rhonda Carrier

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