It’s Time to Change Learning

I couldn’t resist sharing this from Kaplan University :  “It’s time to use technology to rewrite the rules of education. It’s time to learn how you learn so we can teach you better.”  Well, I know it’s just advertising….but it is a great discussion highlight.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Change Learning

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  2. Very interesting promo and in just the right spot to get the audience they need. Clever bunnies. – a word cloud made from a stack of public forum comments about it. Obviously some people are not ‘happy’, but the cloud indicates positivity to me. It is interesting that some ‘students’ talk about their ‘advisors’, and how they had the same one for a few years at Kaplan. Its people who make the difference, not the institution, that is there to provide the framework. Learning is not the primary output of traditional Universities, research is.

    I think that we’ll see a massive rise in this kind of thing. Right now Macquarie has thousands of online only students, and teachers from around the world running the courses. They are very aware of the market, and what students want online. It will be interesting to see Uni’s rise to this challenge to what is a significant revenue stream for them – as the are already online ‘selling’ courses and online ‘teachers’. Who is to say they will do it ‘better’? Just because they are ‘older’? Mmmm, made me think.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    This brings up a question I have for the public. I’ve been doing a test study questioning students on which search engines they use when researching for homework/projects… I believe Kosmix is a great tool to get information. I’m not suggesting Google, Wikipedia or Kosmix replace a trip to the library, but think of it as a jumpstart to getting their work done… surprisingly enough teachers do not want the kids to use the internet for research and would rather have them use books for research and not depend on the internet. I believe they can use both….the students think the teachers are being too old fashion – I would love your thoughts and feedback on Kosmix as well as your opinion on students study habits.


  4. My university has been a leader in using technology to foster learning. We use e-learning, video, audio, etc. A student can, depending on the class, download an entire lesson to his iPod and listen to it at his convenience. We can communicate with students at satellite facilities in the Middle East, China, and Europe. I’d like to see more universities follow that strategy.

  5. As a home schooling parent I welcome this approach. We have always enjoyed the flexibility of self-directed learning outside traditional institutions, studying online, part time courses in traditional institutions and hand’s on volunteer opportunities.

  6. Very clever. Thanks for sharing this, Judy. I wonder if the next decade will see new opportunities for learning outside of school or at least traditional learning institutions.

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