Hanging with a twitter friend

One of the joyous things about attending conferences these days is the opportunity to connect face-to-face with friends from your professional network.

Today I presented a session at Tech-Savvy Leadership and Learning, at the University of Wollongong. More on this later. But for now, here is Darcy Moore, tweeting on his iPhone  as @darcy1968.  Wonderful!

We’re listening to the Forum questions at the end of the day.

Darcy Moore

4 thoughts on “Hanging with a twitter friend

  1. Wonderfully done, JudyJudy. I wish I coulda been there. You are so very right. It’s interesting to me that the digital divides such as the one you cite aren’t cleanly drawn amongst age groups or even so much socio-economic. I’m sneaking up on the belief that it’s somehow genetically pre-determined, that the kind of learners/unlearners/relearners your Toffler quote conjures are simply those amongst us who want to handle that kind of learning. Did you see Kathy Schrock’s recent fb video where she proposes a new class of “digital pioneers,” done in her avatar in a bonnet and 18th century pioneer garb? Very funny, and very apropos. Keep up the good work, you, and thanks for all you share!

  2. Thanks Judy and hi to you, Sue. It was an interesting day, filled with provocations and challenges. Judy’s presentation, as you will see when she posts it, was inspiring and bound to enthuse some teachers to make a difference.

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