All sorts of mischief!

We’ve finished the first term of our academic year for 2009.  There is so much to share, and so much to write about – but it is going to have to wait. Next term is going to be just a little bit easier!!  Why?  Well we’ve been up to all sorts of mischief!!

Here’s what’s been going on:

The library renovations will be closer to completion – furniture will arrive, new desks with power and data will be installed, couches, ottomoans and other fun things!!

Our conversion to a new library management system will also be complete – and we will switch to RFID for security and organisation of our resources. Excellent!!

We’ll also commence our Accelerated Reader program (for guiding essential reading) with the Year 7 students.  We’ve been busy buying books and getting our library collection organised for this!

We’ve put half our Fiction collection into Genres!!  more on that later too!

Is that all – no way!!  I’ll save the best till I am back from holidays. Yes, this time I AM having a holiday –  I really am. I’m not even taking a tiny laptop!

In the morning I head off for New York City, then Budapest. Worlds apart and worlds of fun.

Happy holidays to all the folks in Australia!

4 thoughts on “All sorts of mischief!

  1. My school adopted Accelerated Reader just last year. I’d had some experience with it at another district, but never “managed” it before. My third graders have turned into voracious readers. I don’t let them participate in Friday Club unless they’ve met their AR goals, and this has SO motivated them. Sometimes I look out over my classroom and they look like they’re in study hall – all engrossed in reading. It’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Have a wonderful time Judy. Enjoy that break. I’m also off to London and Paris for Dom’s birthday. Also no laptop. We really must catch up for that coffee on your return. Nicole:)

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