NeoK12 makes learning easy!

As the site says, kids learn best by ‘seeing’ the world.  I love embedding videos as teasers into learning programs, or as nuggets of information at the right point in the learning sequence.  So I was pretty pleased when I came across neoK12 in my RSS feeds.

NeoK12 offers a great way to search for free online educational videos from all over the Internet.  30 second search provided me with some videos that will be perfect for a Year 7 science research project starting next term.  Just saved myself heaps of time, AND the videos will mean that I can embed them right into the wiki!

I recommend taking a peek. Covers just about every subject area you might want. Even better… apparently all lessons and videos have been screened by K-12 teachers.

8 thoughts on “NeoK12 makes learning easy!

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  3. What a great resource! I love the fact that all of the videos have been reviewed by teachers. I was wondering–how do they choose the videos to go on the site? Do teachers submit them?

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  6. Thank you! I’ve already sunk many hours into looking for videos, this might give me some of my life back!

  7. Hi Judy,
    What a time saver this is! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve subscribed to your blog for a while now and you continuously come up with things of use to me and my students – please keep them coming. =)

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