Scaffolding information pathways – easy as?

Evidence Based Library and Information Practice Conference,  Bridging the Gap, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, June 29th – July 3rd 2009. the conference  focused on the best available evidence to improve library and information practice in all types of libraries.

Papers and Poster Sessions are available for download.

I was particularly interested in the presentation by JoAnne Witt (Australia) – Scaffolding students to an academic standard of information literacy. Download presentation

Questions looked at included:

  • What effect did the library training have on student selection and referencing of sources?
    Were students using “library sources”?
  • Did the mode of delivery matter?
  • Which changes to the program resulted in improvements?
  • Were students using ‘library sources’?

The research covers issues related to use of Google vs Databases -of great interest to schools. This research shows what they did to scaffold learning and improve learning outcomes.

2 thoughts on “Scaffolding information pathways – easy as?

  1. Interesting! Like Ingrid, I would love to see any notes that accompanied the presentation as some of it is difficult to understand.

    Helping students to improve their research skills is always a top priority for a library media specialist. I like the idea of a survey done before instruction began. Very easy to do that online with tools such as forms in Google Docs.

  2. PPT looks very interesting but are there any notes to go with it, can’t quite work out what they did after the change.
    All links v well with UK extended projects which are just starting in uk 6th forms, y12.

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