Real and imagined ~ are the same!

Each school, each leadership team, each school library team and each teacher needs to learn how to restructure the core business of schooling in order to embrace learning in our changing online world.

We say this often and slowly the ship of state is turning ~ but fast enough for our students?

I came across two things today which brought a smile to my face. What we imagine is possible ~ is real these days!

Take a look at TechXav –  seems to be as professional a website as any you might come across….. by 11-15 year old students?

TechXav is a technology blog written by a group of young and zealous teens, ranging from the age of 11-15.

Wait – they’re even located around the world!!

Right – and imagine what they think of being shown a powerpoint! or opening a text book!

I also read a post by Will Richardson about phones and about the disruption they are already creating for most schools (high schools at least) and about the huge brain shift we’re going to have to through collectively to capture the potential for learning in our kids’ pockets. I love the video he shared as well!

Yes, we’re facing a huge challenge ~ much bigger than just the roll-out of laptops in our schools in NSW. It’s a fundamental, seismic shift that likely will swallow some education institutions.

So this little promo video shared by Will also bought a smile to my face.

2 thoughts on “Real and imagined ~ are the same!

  1. Hi Judy

    Here’s the question I have right now for teachers to think about — and these kids are probably going to give better answers …

    How do we teach a generation internally pre-occupied with technology and connectedness?

    I am thinking that there is no ‘hybrid’ ideal teacher. By that I mean that a bird cannot take on the habits of a fish — and the hybrid is not a Cormorant.

    Education, from the top down fails to ask relevant questions of students at the macro and micro levels. Leviathon, which you pointed me at, suggests a world divided between Darwinists and Clankers, in love with machines. There is a danger that without kids publishing creative and insightful dialog like this, that we will continue to see either/or approaches and divisions.

    I will take some time to read more on their site today.

    Thanks for sharing. btw, ‘grats on face-making blog rank!

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